Kubus Press release oct 24th 
KUBUS launches BCF Manager for ArchiCAD & Revit
Building Collaboration Format simplifies collaboration using BIM

Eindhoven, October 10, 2013 – KUBUS takes BIM collaboration to the next level with the release of BCF Managers for both Revit and ArchiCAD. Building Collaboration Format (BCF) allows issues found by model checking software to be easily displayed in ArchiCAD or Revit. BCF enables an efficient collaboration workflow for model quality assurance and quality control, and supports Solibri, BIMsight, Tekla Structures and DDS-CAD.

Besides information about selected objects and viewpoints, BCF contains information about issue status and the team member assigned to solve it. Processed issues can be marked ‘completed’ and comments can be added, which means that only active issues and not the entire BIM model need to be communicated between team members. This capability enables a powerful and open collaboration between all parties during the design and building process.

Team members who want to inform each other on issues that need to be addressed, instantaneously send each other Excel schemas or complete models including notes. Such a workflow is time-consuming, fragile, or doesn’t even work at all when working with different BIM softwares. BCF is an intelligent way of communicating issues between BIM software applications and is rapidly evolving into the standard for today’s construction industry”, says Erik Pijnenburg, general director of KUBUS BV.

Using BCF results in a more efficient and accurate workflow because communication within a project, and between team members is improved.

Initial results shows that the use of BCF provides a much-improved workflow as well as eliminating the need to transfer large BIM files over the Internet. BCF focuses on the process and how to cooperate with different BIM software, instead of just addressing the features of one specific tool. Solibri Inc. and Tekla Corporation developed the BCF concept and they have transferred ownership and rights of the BCF schema to BuildingSMART for adoption as an open standard for the benefit of the whole industry.

KUBUS offers BIM for Design & Build firms. And as an exclusive distributor for Graphisoft and Solibri, Inc. (within the Benelux), KUBUS promotes OpenBIM and IFC workflow solutions. KUBUS also develops the following software: Building Specifications for Dutch standards, cost-calculations and eco-cost material analysis based on BIM. From offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Belgrade, KUBUS services over 2.000 customers within the construction industry of the Benelux.

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